Declare your independence from something holding you back...

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Hello Readers...

I can't help but get excited about welcoming July! Why?  It means a new month, a chance for a fresh start - a time to alter something....any little thang... that isn't quite working. 

 I know you have probably heard the saying: "One of the definitions of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." (Than-Kew Albert Einstein or Ben Franklin or whoever you believe said it first.)

 I totally buy into this concept as I have seen myself fall into the same traps others may have fallen into.  For example, I am a serial "early adopter".  Meaning, if I see something shiny...something new...I gravitate toward it like a heat seeking missile to check it out.  Much of the time, it is a total waste of energy...but other times it turns into something great. This means in the big picture of things, I am guilty of spinning my wheels sometimes...and could be more efficient by doing a more thorough risk assessment before I jump into something.  

That said...with July we welcome have lots of positives from my humble perspective:

-End of second quarter - which also means end of fiscal year for many organizations.  This equals new budgets available for hiring and projects.

-A slight dip in the unemployment numbers announced today, July 2.

-More HR/Recruiting positions showing up on the screen means companies gearing up for hiring.

-Kids out of school which means less traffic on the roads -don't miss all those mini-vans and busses!

Add your own positives to the's easy to be negative...challenge yourself to see some positives in July...and declare INDEPENDENCE from something holding you back!

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