I'm being loyal to my company and waiting for the promotion they promised...

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 My husband has been with his company for 4 years.  They are not doing so well in the current economy. He was up for promotion this year but is feeling lucky to have avoided downsizing (so far).  What are your recommendations for trying to get that promotion during these tight times? 


Hmmm...this is a tough one...what is that saying?  "A bird in hand is worth two in the bush."  Your husband can start by looking at the bigger picture...say three years from now.  What role and salary does he aspire to at that time?  Now, what does he need to be doing today to reach those three year goals?  Sometimes it takes sitting tight during down times to leap forward in robust times. 


While times are slower...your husband works on his daily personal work related goals. Daily. Here are a few ideas...

·        invite a coworker to meet for lunch;

·         make three phone calls to colleagues he has been out of touch with;

·        complete an online course in an area relevant to overall goals;

·         read an industry-related article;

·         research upcoming association meetings and business networking events;

In other words, work on "Me-Inc."-  his own brand and career goals.

Next, I recommend your husband create a 3, 6 or 9 point business case showing how he is adding value, saving money, working smarter, etc. Schedule a meeting and present this case to his boss. 

Just because things are slow, that doesn't mean that companies are cutting back to the bare bone.  They realize that when the economy picks up, there will be a shortage of qualified, experienced industry-savvy professionals.  It is far more cost effective to continue to build their current employees than gamble on new ones. He needs to arrange for a meeting and present his thoughts to the boss.

The thoughts need to be delivered in a "sandwich" form...

First...the bread".  Say something positive...I really enjoy being a key member of your team.  Looking at the big picture, we are staying afloat industry-wide and are going to be prepared when the current trend turns.  On a personal professional level, I have a few thoughts I would like to run by you...

Here is where he puts in the "meat"... those points:

                On the Shaffer project, we cut the man power by 40% and moved those team members over to other more research intensive projects.  We still finished ahead of time.

At the end of these points, your hand asks for the raise/promotion.

End with the other piece of "bread".  Thanks for making time to talk - Its important for me to keep you up to date with where I am.  Your leadership style makes me comfortable to keep it all out in the open.   I know you need time to think this over and I look forward to revisiting our conversation.   

You don't ask, you don't get.  Period. End of subject. Case closed. Be your own best avdvocate. Good luck!

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