New Grad's Job Search Woes...

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Oh Snap!...finally graduated from college and have no idea where/how to get a job.  Pretty lame, but the media says it is a dismal job market out there- the worst job market for new grads in the last 50 years or something like that.  I just don't know what companies want, so I don't know how to sell myself.  Any advice for a B.S., Engineering degree?

Eager Cal State Poly Grad



 Dear Eager,

Step one...look beyond the media.  Or remind yourself that 90% of people ARE employed. Your generation...Generation Y... is the first truly global generation.  You guys make up a third of the world's population.  Since  you are connected by advancing technology, new grads around the world have a similar sense of what the future holds.The trick is to take a look at what companies need and want.


Here are inside tips on what today's employers look for. This list comes directly from the mouths of hiring managers, so listen up! Communication skills are noted as the top recruiting consideration.  Next on the list is interpersonal skills - teamwork is the norm, so you have to be able to relate and interact with company representatives and clients.


Flexibility will make you much more attractive to any employer. Are you willing to work nontraditional hours, move from one role to another, relocate, travel? The less rigidity you show, the more you will shine. Next come character and integrity. An employer wants a sense that you are honest, have a strong value system and can be trusted. You know what needs to be done and you do it right, on time, and without reminders or supervision.


Be prepared to communicate examples of your skills and the ways you can contribute to an organization. Remember--you are selling your ability to help them reach their goals. This strategy will lead you to your perfect position. Once you land it, remember that the one thing that separates successful people from those who are not is their willingness to work very, very hard!


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