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 My husband has been with his company for 4 years.  They are not doing so well in the current economy. He was up for promotion this year but is feeling lucky to have avoided downsizing (so far).  What are your recommendations for trying to get that promotion during these tight times? 


Hmmm...this is a tough one...what is that saying?  "A bird in hand is worth two in the bush."  Your husband can start by looking at the bigger picture...say three years from now.  What role and salary does he aspire to at that time?  Now, what does he need to be doing today to reach those three year goals?  Sometimes it takes sitting tight during down times to leap forward in robust times. 


While times are slower...your husband works on his daily personal work related goals. Daily. Here are a few ideas...

·        invite a coworker to meet for lunch;

·         make three phone calls to colleagues he has been out of touch with;

·        complete an online course in an area relevant to overall goals;

·         read an industry-related article;

·         research upcoming association meetings and business networking events;

In other words, work on "Me-Inc."-  his own brand and career goals.

Next, I recommend your husband create a 3, 6 or 9 point business case showing how he is adding value, saving money, working smarter, etc. Schedule a meeting and present this case to his boss. 

Just because things are slow, that doesn't mean that companies are cutting back to the bare bone.  They realize that when the economy picks up, there will be a shortage of qualified, experienced industry-savvy professionals.  It is far more cost effective to continue to build their current employees than gamble on new ones. He needs to arrange for a meeting and present his thoughts to the boss.

The thoughts need to be delivered in a "sandwich" form...

First...the bread".  Say something positive...I really enjoy being a key member of your team.  Looking at the big picture, we are staying afloat industry-wide and are going to be prepared when the current trend turns.  On a personal professional level, I have a few thoughts I would like to run by you...

Here is where he puts in the "meat"... those points:

                On the Shaffer project, we cut the man power by 40% and moved those team members over to other more research intensive projects.  We still finished ahead of time.

At the end of these points, your hand asks for the raise/promotion.

End with the other piece of "bread".  Thanks for making time to talk - Its important for me to keep you up to date with where I am.  Your leadership style makes me comfortable to keep it all out in the open.   I know you need time to think this over and I look forward to revisiting our conversation.   

You don't ask, you don't get.  Period. End of subject. Case closed. Be your own best avdvocate. Good luck!

Serve My Country???

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Reluctant Recruit???

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Dear Queen Camille,

I'm turning18 in two months and I really want to join the Marines, but to be honest, I'm a little scared. Even though both of my parents are supportive, I'm still intimidated by the thought of Basic Training. What do you think I should do? On the fence in San Diego.

Dear Reluctant Recruit,

I've gotta start by congratulating you on being aware of and then admitting to your fear!  Especially if you are also brave enough and value being of service to others enough to consider becoming a U.S. Marine (or joining ANY branch of the military)!

Let's break this down...F.E.A.R. (False Expectations Appearing Real) is nothing more than being hesitant because you don't know what's ahead.  When we are kids, we just step into matter what, because we don't know about the potential consequences.  (Lookie at grab a hot log off the fire and you learn pretty quickly not to do that again.) 

 Joining the military and signing up to put your life on the line and be part of something bigger than yourself - all to protect others... SHOULD be scary.  If you didn't feel that, I'd think you probably weren't mature enough and weren't taking the decision seriously enough. 

About Basic Training...obviously I have nevah been close to anything like it in my multitude of jobs...but it is meant to help you suceed.  It is meant to break old bad habits, get you in shape and think like a have everyone else's back.  Of course it is extremely challenging both mentally and physically...but what worth doing isn't? 

Let's look at the worst case absolutely hate being a Marine...and regret you signed up.  You do your tour and come out.....smarter, with lifelong values, experiences, comrads and accomplishments!  You also earn lots of thanks from your fellow Americans in the form of tuition breaks, discounted home loan programs, extra "points" when applying for government jobs, etc. 

Oh, and having experience in the military is a great introduction to the "real world" of work if you decide not to stay in long term.  I swear I can pick 'em outta any group...women and men who have served our country.  They seem to stand a bit taller, listen more respectfully and problem solve more logically.  Don't even get me started on their teamwork skills. 

Oh and if you are a Marine, you get to say that cool "hoo-rah" thing the rest of your life too!



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A resume and other communication pieces are a permanent core of any professional's toolkit.  Hey, you need be ready to talk to anyone, anywhere, any time.  Create pieces uniquely tailored to your personal brand.


Networking to Your Goals

You probably noticed by now that social networking is king in the professional world.  It is also the power of your professional core.  It is all about going in with the intent to support others...not about what you can "get" from others.  This session gives an in-depth plan on where, how and with whom to network.



Interviewing is sometimes a pressure situation and we look back afterward to have brilliant thoughts as to how you could'a answered the questions.  After this session, you will feel comfortable in interviews whether over the phone, impromptu or planned in advance.  Know what questions to ask and prepare for, close the sale and follow-up.


Negotiating at Work

In today's workforce, the talent (that's YOU) needs to know the value of their skills and who is buying them.  Negotiating for exactly what you want in a work situation (within reason, now) is expected in today's transactional work environment.  Learn what is OK to ask and what you need to steer clear of.


Managing Across the Generations

We have four distinct generations in today's workforce and that means lots of potential disconnects when it comes to work ethic, expectations, values, communication styles, etc.  This session gives a terrific overview that you can use to strengthen your leadership, team and personal communication skills.


Eight Keys to Career Success

Lots of P&P clients say that they want to take charge of their careers and just plain don't know where/how to start.  This session will provide you with a tool to assess the critical points of a balanced, proactive career.  You will learn which areas need attention and build a plan from this information.



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